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Customer Testimonials

I used the 7" knife for skinning, to say I'm impressed is an understatement. What an amazing knife, I really can't get over how balanced it felt in my hand, how sharp it was, if not too sharp I have a few cuts on my hands from it. Another thing is how the handle never got "slimy" when I was switching hands. You sir have one amazing knife.

B. Miller

I purchased a couple bubba blades from you, one flex and one stiffie. Just this last weekend I put your knife to the test. I am very impressed with your knifes. I have used dozens of knifes for filleting salmon and the bubba blade is by far the best knife I have ever used to fillet large fish. Just this last weekend I filleted over 154 red (sockeye) salmon with my new bubba blade. I only had to sharpen the knife twice in the whole process of filleting the 154 reds, which is unheard of! Your knifes keep an edge very well and the design makes it such a snap to fillet a salmon. I can have restaurant quality fillets from a fresh caught sockeye from the kenai in less than 20 seconds with your knife! I am pretty good at filleting, but honestly the knife does a lot of the work! If you have a shitty knife filleting is a bitch, I didn't catch the 154 fish my family did and typically I wouldn't offer to fillet 154 fish, but honestly I was very excited to try the new bubba flex blade out and it worked out beautifully!!! I had about a dozen people use the bubba blade and they were very impressed even though their skills at filleting were not quite crafted, and seasoned, haha. Thank you for your product, I have and will continue to spread the word about you guys and your products. Awesome job, I have given your info to many lots of people here in Alaska already, and I will continue to. Very impressed, Thank you for an awesome product

Sean - Kenai River, Alaska

I recently purchased both Bubba Blades offerings. I have been a Licensed Meat cutter for 30 yrs and over the years I have used many knives to Fillet Fish and Slice Meat. Bubba Blade is everything the advertisement says, Bar none; its the most comfortable handle that I have placed my hand around and since I have one finger missing the grip on the knife, since I work in a wet and bloody environment I can honestly say that not once has my hand ever slipped or felt uncomfortable. The blade is SUPERB comes to an edge that can shave hair, and with a couple of licks on the steel, bounces back to its original edge. I clean a lot of Salmon, and Game fish, what more can I say.... Superb....Keep up the good work guys.... HOW about a BONING BUBBA BLADE knife!!! Cheers

Dan, R - Ontario Canada

I have just returned from a lobster and fishing trip in the Keys. We returned one afternoon with a limit of large dolphin to the local marina at Cudjo Gardins. They let us use their fish cleaning table at the dock. I don't know what drew the biggest attention the dolphin catch or the two Bubba Blades I had bought from you. We had already proved the blades worth in Panama City with large grouper and snapper but this was our first try at 50 lb. dolphin. The hired captain that we had couldn't say enough about your blades and he cleans fish for a living. And no I did not let him have mine but I did tell him, the spectators, and the marina owners where they could get their own. Best fish cleaning knives I have ever owned. I just ordered your newest one and can't wait to use it. You will be getting some knife orders from the lower keys. It's nice to get more than you pay for for a change instead of less as for most items sold now. Thanks for you product and quality.

John Burke - Owner of the Miss Lisa 4

I just bought my Bubba Blade a couple of weeks ago and had the opportunity to use it on about 6 Dorado in the Sea of Cortez. Excellent knife..... I own several different fillet knives and while they are all functional, I wouldn't use the term "Excellent" with any of them. I was a bit worried about the width of the blade when I recieved my new knife, thinking it would create more resistance while cutting through a large fish but I didnt notice any more effort than a narrower blade, even one that was teflon coated. The grip is comfortable and truly does not slip. The blade is stout enough to get through any fish without the flimsiness of standard flexible blade designs I have used in the past. Excellent product, Great customer service. I am ordering the other model today. Should make the work load easier for my upcoming 4 days in Alaska. How about a bait knife with the same grip? Thanks

RJ - Mesa AZ

This is the best feeling knife to hold in your hand ! I am so pleased with them, that friends will be ordering them. I would put business cards in with them for customers to hand out when people ask where to get them ! What super knives.Time for you to make a narrow blade one for us to check out on smaller fish. I just found out I was drawn for a gator hunt here in Florida. The lake has over 10,000 gators in it.( Lake Jesup) It is only 6 miles from the house, so I will try them on it also.

Thanks so much Greg T

Dexter-Russell, that's not a knife. Bubba Blade, now that's a knife.

Michael - New Jersey

I ordered one Bubba Blade and was so impressed I ordered two more for gifts to my friends. The knife performs above my expectations. It is extremely easy to sharpen, well balanced, and the handle is non slip as well. It is a great value and product.

Mike, G

Hey Bubba Blade! I love my knife. I can’t believe how easily it slices through halibut. No problem at all cutting through the tough hide to get to the good stuff. Stripping the meat form the hide was a breeze. Fresh water fish are a piece of cake with the Bubba Knife. Sturgeon are no longer an issue with the Bubba Knife. I have recommended it to all of my associates. I am impressed not only with the sharpness of the knife but also the quality construction. I fear no fish. Now I can back it up with the Bubba Knife. Thank you Bubba Blade

Captain Jim - Gitcha Sum! Charters - Washington State

I have used the knifes only once so far. This was to cut a deer roast into shavings for jerky. As advertised, it was a one swipe knife. I am looking forward to trying them in our up coming fishing season. I will know then how really pleased I am.

Frank, G

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with your Bubba Blade knife. I ordered both the flex and the stiff. I used the flex to fillet out some salmon recently. I was skeptical because I'm used to using two knives, one skinny for filleting and one stronger for cutting through ribs or backbone. Bubba Blade did it all. I am very pleased with its handle, sharpness, teflon coating and one sweep filleting/cutting. I am enclosing before and after photos of latest salmon I filleted. Some is going into smoker and some will be made into lox. Our salmon season just started in Monterey Bay and it looks like it will be one of the best seasons in many years. The knives will be getting a lot of use.

Jose' R. Montes - Pistolero Sportfishing

Well guys it was really a nice knife , we caught some fish in Baffin Bay in ,Texas out of Corpus Christi, Reds , trout and some black drum the knife went through the reds and drum much better than our fillet knife . I like the grip you can hold onto the knife hen its a little slimey . Do you have any direction on how to sharpen it when it get dull?

Thank you Charlie

Captain Paul

I received a surprise in the mail. It was a knife! Not just any knife, it had this handle that looked like a hunting knife and a dive knife, the blade was razor sharp and the sides of the blade were coated with something dark. I didn't order it, so I went online to find out some information. It's a high carbon steel, Teflon coated blade. A couple days later I called a friend in Alabama, suspecting he was the one that sent the knife and he answered the phone "Did you get something in the mail?". He thought it was something I could use! So far I've filleted 3 fish, a Dolphin, a Wahoo and a Blackfin Tuna.
Here's the report: The Bubba Blade is extremely sharp (I'm not sure yet when I'll need to sharpen it). This one has a flexible blade (great for what I do most). Skinning fish seems to be easier (maybe the Teflon blade makes it slide easier). Next report; when it's time to sharpen it.

(Miami Fishing Charters with Capt. Paul)



I have only had the knife a week but have tried it several times. It worked well with flounder yesterday. Today used it to split up thighs and drumsticks which was like cutting through butter. Also pork spare ribs, it was the easiest time ever cutting the ribs, the length and strength is perfect for that and being as sharp as it is, it will be my rib knife from now on. I got the stiffie blade, plan on getting the flexible blade for trout, this blade will work well for the bigger fish.

(Bill Perkins)

Nice! best knife i have bought in a long time, very sharp, will consider getting the thin blade next.


The Bubba Blade is FANTASTIC, as a matter of fact, the three people who saw it the day after I got it ordered 4 more Bubba Blades. Thank you for making such a wonderful product. Rating: 5

(Thomas - Caddo Mills, TX)

Both knifes are great , I think they will stand the test of time. I really like the way they fit your hand ,and I'm more than happy . Thank You


Very nice knife, no slip grip perfect. Waiting for salmon season to really give it a hard core test. Rating: 5

(Rod - Santa Cruz)

I bought a set of these Bubba Blade Knives and they are amazing!! For those of you that hunt and fish....I would highly recommend them!!!!


I'm sorry, I haven't had a chance to put these blades to use as of yet. I can tell you I am impressed with them out of the box though. Great feel, balance and sharp as all get out! I showed them to a buddy of mine and all he could say was, "wow, these are nice and man that's sharp!" If I get a chance before I head overseas I'll definitely write a review, if not it'll be a few months before I'll get a chance to put them to use.


I Love my Bubba Blade, they are made of quality materials and the handle WILL NOT SLIP out of your hand if wet I would recommend these knives to any Sportsman THEY'RE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!

(Mark Capshaw. Atmore Alabama)

Great. I love it! I am getting two more for my hunting buddies.


This Blade is awesome. My friend is a boat captain and I got something before he did. He believes in Dexter knives and he saw mine and has now ordered 2 Bubba blades.

(Andy- Spanish Fort, Alabama)

The bubba blade is awesome! I definitely will not be using any other knife but the bubba blade.


Very well thought out design, stout blade & very ergonomic handle. This one will stay in my pack for awhile! For all you fisherman out there, Big Bubba likes the red meat, or should I say the other white meat, as well! Fresh swine from Northern Kali.


I have not used this knife except to slice a flank steak and that was like a hot knife through butter. I am looking forward to slicing some tuna this summer. At least I will be well prepared.


Ok here is our big Wahoo 60"lbs. Bubba blade flex, filleted him excellently. The other 2 were smaller, 25 and 28, so we used the stiff blade to steak them. The stiff blade sliced right through the back bone like butter. The handles on both are outstanding.

(Tony Benevento, RVP Distribution)

Jon,,Man I got the knives today, I can say when I saw these blades I said , MAN!! what a filleting knife this is.. When I get some cats to skin I'm going to get a video of it , all I need is a tripod and I'm good. Man this blade will make easy work out of them for sure..LMHO..Bro!, I still got a smile on my face..Love them handles..Nice is a understatement,,They are perfect for the guy cutting up the fish. Thanks for a great set of knives Jon,,I'll put them to good use asap..

(Kenneth Price)

Impressive , very impressive , super sharp. Love the fact that you can make very thin slices with a big knife

(Mike K - Birmingham, AL)

Just got my bubba blade. That's a nice blade , nice grip, nice feel, nice balance. Hell of a knife - great piece of steel Dam --- I impressed! No wonder it cut the deer like crazy

(Gerry R - Dallas, Tx)

i just recieved my blade haven't used it yet but feels and looks great, im sure im going to love it thanks

(joebob, Baton Rouge)

1 toss with the net was all it took to land 6 beautiful Tampa Bay Mullet. 1 Bubba Blade Flex was all it took to make short work of butterflying the catch for the smoker. The Bubba Blade Flex was up to the task of slicing or should I say gliding throught the rib bones with an effortless cut, wasting no time. The Flex has just right to feel for the initial lateral cut through the rib bones while sensitive enought to not open or pierce the beautiful roe sack lying in the belly. Once butterflied, the Flex was perfect for scraping out the stomach lining without damaging the tender meat below. I found the unique handle to maintain excellent grip even when soaked with water allowing for a very safe hold of the amazingly sharp tool. For those sportsman looking for their next knife, it's time to get you hands on a Bubba Blade. You're going to want to tell your friends to get their own Bubba Blade cause this ain't no loaner knife. It's time to fire up the smoker !!

(Capt BA, Tampa Bay)

"Love the pistol grip handles and with the teflon coated blade it slices right through the meat and cleans up easily. The knife has a nice weight and feel to it. Real sturdy blade. Bubba Blade is a nice knife and I would recommend it to anyone."

(Paul T., Tucson)

"Razor sharp right out of the box. Awesome handle."

(Jonathan N., Orange County)

"The thing I like is the sticky rubber grip. It has great areas to put your thumbs so you can get a good grip on the knife when your hands are covered with fish blood and slime. Another thing I like about the knife is the stiff blade with the teflon coating. Makes it real easy to clean or cut through anything. The knife also holds its edge real well. I don't have have to stop and resharpen when cleaning lots of fish. It's a great knife. I would recommend it to anybody."

(Captain Paul, San Diego)

"Bubba Blade. What a great knife! Teflon coated and its never going to rust. Beautiful handle on it. Won't slip out of your hand when you're covered in fish guts. Super sharp! Can't say enough. I think everyone needs one of these knives. "

(Captain Mick, Cabo)

"Incredible new design for a handle. Multiple different positions were you can hold onto so it won't slip out of your hands. Teflon coated blade. Amazing steel! Captain Horace has been cutting a lot of fish with it and it's still amazingly sharp. Highly recommended. Very cool knife."

(Captain Alex, San Diego)

"This handle is amazing! I am covered in fish slime and blood and still have a good grip on the knife. The blade never seems to get dull and makes filleting easy. Everyone needs to check out this knife!"

(Captain Horace, San Diego)

"Just got my Bubba Blade in the mail. These knives are amazing. Can't wait to start cutting."

( Josh G., Oregon)

"I recently purchased the Bubba Blade Stiffie and WOW. The Stiffie is so amazing that my wife made me buy one for her to use in the kitchen. We use the Stiffie for anything and everything! Thank you Bubba Blade!"

( Craiger M., Atlanta)

"I received my first bubba blade 2 days ago. It is amazing. I can't believe the quality for the price. Truly a knife you will have forever."

( Corey G., California)

"Simply Awesome!!!! The coating on the knife helps it slide beautifully when removing skin and the strength and sharpness of the blade cuts through bone effortlessly."

(Brant C., San Diego)

"Working with custom sportfishing boats has given me an appreciation for good fillet knives. The Bubba Blade is the last knife I need and the only knife I recommend to my clients. The flex blade is perfect for cleaning bluewater game fish. It's sharp blade holds and edge, it doesn't corrode in the saltwater and the handle is safe and provides great comfort and grip."

(Patrick S., San Diego)

"I have been fishing my whole life and I have used hundreds of fillet knifes. Bubba Blade Flex is the best fillet knife I have ever used by far. Now only if my Bubba Blade could bait the hook my life would be set! Thanks Bubba Blade!"

(Kevin H., West Chester, PA)

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